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Dead Sea EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.91
Cat: INT 035 . Rel: 24 Oct 16
  1. Where Did You Go (5:14)
  2. Dead Sea (4:29)
  3. Sudden Change (4:51)
Put That Woman First (Calibre remix)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.91
Cat: PENDING 001. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. Put That Woman First (Calibre remix) (6:02)
Nice Tune
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.16
Nice Tune (red vinyl 10" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: NICE 10ONE. Rel: 03 Oct 16
  1. Nice Tune (original dub plate mix) (6:03)
  2. The D Side (original dub plate mix) (5:03)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.19
Storylines (limited 12" + sticker)
Cat: SKELR 07. Rel: 24 Oct 16
  1. Return View (5:56)
  2. Lake Volta (6:09)
  3. The Refactor (5:39)
  4. Submerge (6:31)
Review: Proper source material, this; not only is it coming from Kid Lib associate and well known drum-smasher Tim Reaper, but it's being delivered on the recently reincarnated Skeleton Records, one of the most legendary labels during the hardcore/jungle transition 22 years ago. Reaper's range is exquisite as we kick and lash to the frenzied drum assault of "Return View" and "The Refactor" yet wallow and smoulder in the halftime soul of "Lake Volta" and straight up collapse to the planet-shaking subs of "Submerge". Keep out of trouble.
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Torchlight Vol 3
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.42
Torchlight Vol 3 (limited 12")
Cat: CBR 018. Rel: 24 Oct 16
  1. Underground Cinema (feat Krust) (8:34)
  2. Fuzzd An Soup (4:09)
  3. Lightbody Transfer (2:52)
Review: Om Unit returns after the summer's techno session on Idle Hands, hitting hard with his second "Torchlight" EP of the year. It's every bit as deep, diverse and experimental as you'd want it to be. And it features none other than Krust as the lavish 80s synths and dense layers of "Underground Cinema" ensure the EP's soul truly is in motion. "Fuzzd An Soup" retains a certain sense of classic jungle magic with its tight infectious hang drum patterns and textures. Finally "Lightbody Transfer" is the complete switch with its sedate, torpid kicks and underwater atmosphere. Immaculate.
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 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.91
Ralph (white vinyl 12")
Cat: LOVWAX 06. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. Ralph (6:31)
  2. Drumk (5:52)
  3. Ralph (Jodey Kendrick remix) (5:33)
Review: Longtime sonic smelter dgoHn heads to Essex for a tag-team with Colchester's unique Love Love collective. It's a match made in leftfield heaven as dgoHn digs deep into a 4 Hero level mindset with a lavish range of organic drum sounds and stark, futuristic aesthetics; "Ralph" joins jazz with Prototype era Photek while "Drumk" is an absurd trip inside dgoHn's drum kit and sample library. Rephlex alias-slinger Jodey Kendrick shuts the shop with his tripped out bedtime jungle remix. Don't have nightmares.
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Naine Rouge EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.18
Cat: EXIT 070. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. Sinistarr & Stringray313 - "Track 1" (4:44)
  2. Shake (feat Detroits Filthiest aka DJ Nasty) (4:36)
  3. Nonlinear Threat (5:08)
  4. I Pop, I Jit (5:29)
Review: Beware of the Naine Rouge! A Detroit folklore tale that contextualizes the city's spates of bad luck dating back over 300 years, local machine-abuser Sinistarr pays homage to the unique myth with a set of unclassifiable dancefloor smoulder sessions. Two major league tag-teams hit from the off as techno don Stingray313 pairs up for the loopy kickdrum stamping "Track 1" and ghettotech godfather DJ Nasty joins him for a furious footwork fire up "Shake". Elsewhere we get speak & spellbound on the dark stepper "Nonlinear Threats" and "I Pop, I Jit" shakes and stutters with such a rhythmic infectiousness you don't want it to ever end. Another perfect Exit release.
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Nuh Watch
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.42
Nuh Watch (12")
Cat: COOLNEASY 002. Rel: 10 Oct 16
  1. Nuh Watch (6:16)
  2. Guidance (93 Drum & Bass mix) (4:18)
  3. Oh Dread (4:31)
Review: Who Dem Sound affiliates Cool N Easy hit release two with another Kid Lib-built exercise in classic jungle science. As with any Kenny Pitman creations, the drum edits are frenzied, sharp and original enough to rip a hole in the space time continuum and take us permanently back to 92. "Nuh Watch" rolls with a thickly laid reggae sample that seems to come out of nowhere, "Guidance" is a mousey skanker that develops incredible amen momentum rapidly while "Oh Dread" is a straight up head-down popper with the dubbiest of basslines. Sweet murderation.
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Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.91
Cat: METACD 008 . Rel: 10 Oct 16
  1. Siren Song (feat Robert Manos)
  2. Tone Poem
  3. Inna Soul Jah
  4. Through The Rays
  5. King Of The Hustlers
  6. A New Renegade
  7. Innersense
  8. Sacrifice (feat Natalie Duncan)
  9. Rockers
  10. Outcast
  11. DMT (feat Hive)
  12. Steam (The Final Chapter)
Review: 22 years into his production career, Dominic Angas - armed, of course, with his trusty Roland S760 - continues to deliver high quality drum & bass. Last Refuge of a Scoundrel is his first album for Goldie's Metalheadz stable, and sees the D&B veteran deliver a literary-inspired set of epic proportions. So, while his famous growling basslines and punchy jungle rhythms remain - see the sub-low wobble of "Tone Poem", the hardcore era madness of "King of the Hustlers" and the ragga-goes-tech-step thrust of "Rockers" - these are often counter-balanced by more musically expansive offerings. Check, for example, the epic ambient builds of "DMT" and "Steam (The Final Chapter)", the spine-tingling intro to "Siren Song", and the symphonic feel of "A New Renegade".
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Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $21.14
Cat: METALP 008. Rel: 10 Oct 16
  1. Sacrifice (feat Natalie Duncan) (5:38)
  2. Steam (5:55)
  3. King Of The Hustlers (6:14)
  4. Rockers (5:12)
  5. A New Renegade (6:53)
  6. Innersense (5:36)
Welcome To The Jungle Volume 4: Sampler 1
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.40
  1. Ed Solo & Deekline - "Bad Boy" (Benny Page feat Kursiva remix) (3:24)
  2. Deekline - "Pass Me The Dubplate" (feat Tippa Irie - Benny Page remix) (3:49)
Review: One of Solo and Deekline's most enduring refixes (Inner Circle's "Bad Boys") gets a brand new coat of arms courtesy of Benny Page and Spanish newcomer Kursiva as part of Jungle Cakes' fourth Welcome To The Jungle compilation. Adding 2016 production muscle while retaining every juicy drop of funk from the booty-bouncing bass, they've kicked it out of every park in the western hemisphere. Benny then goes solo with another sharp-tailored twist on Deekline's take on Brian & Tony Gold's "Pass Me The Dubplate" that drenched in harmonic vocal soul. Soundboys take cover, strictly murderation business.
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Welcome To The Jungle Volume 4: Sampler 2
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.40
  1. Kursiva & Mooncat - "No Diggity" (feat Earth Beat Movement) (5:36)
  2. Kursiva - "Aztec Spree" (feat Isaac Maya - 2016 VIP mix) (5:35)
10 Years Of Symmetry: Album Sampler
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.91
Cat: SYMMLP 005S. Rel: 03 Oct 16
  1. Break & Kyo - "Give In To Me" (5:18)
  2. Break - "Who Got Da Funk" (4:57)
Review: 10 years of Symmetry - 10 years of Break being an absolute boss. Respected by all sides of the game, his on-point balance of a funk and true grit has united us for over a decade and he's about to drop a brand new full-lengther of his own productions and remixes to celebrate. The two cuts showcase his range and skillish charm perfectly: "Give In To Me" features long-term collaborator Kyo who gives her most powerful soulful vocal over classic Break organs and a heavily swung beat. "Who Got Da Funk" is much sharper and grizzlier with its wasp nest bassline and punctuated two-step. Both prime us for the imminent album.
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Gespielt von: SpectraSoul
Broken (Om Unit remix)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.42
Broken (Om Unit remix) (1-sided etched 12")
Cat: NARRATIVES 001X. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. Broken (Om Unit remix) (4:51)
Review: Released four years ago - ages before the current halftime paradigm shift D&B is enjoying right now - Blocks & Escher's beautiful autonomically minded slice of raw cinematica is updated by the perennially on-point fusionist Om Unit. With his established penchant for the unchartered, he's the perfect fit and is able to retain all the synthetic melodic beauty of the original while throwing in a whole host of amen flurries and cosmicity. Stunning - just like the original.
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Clap Your Hands/Love & Peace
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $6.37
Cat: RAMM 225. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. Clap Your Hands (4:36)
  2. Love & Peace (7:09)
Review: "Clap Your Hands" and "Love & Peace"... Has Ram newbreed champ Frankee moved into a more gospel territory? Of course not. His evangelism is still founded in a crisp, energetic and almost visual style of D&B... But the passion and faith in the higher power of good music is definitely key. "Clap Your Hands" hits with a festival style rasp but softens with an almost cosmic middle section that's not far off the Chemical Brothers in its emotion levels. Naturally "Love & Peace" lives up to its name, too; drifty and dreamy in a similar way to Artificial Intelligence, it's deep without ever resorting to cliche or pastiche. Big up reverend Frankee.
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Bounce That
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $5.86
Bounce That (limited 12")
Cat: RAMM 224. Rel: 03 Oct 16
  1. Bounce That (3:48)
  2. War (4:10)
The Angels Fell
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.91
Cat: METH 006. Rel: 18 Jul 16
  1. The Angels Fell (5:56)
  2. Ja Know Ya Big (6:04)
  3. Brutal Bass (5:20)
Review: Will close confident and kindred spirit, Dillinja didn't release a huge amount of material on Metalheadz. But when he did? Oh boy... 21 years old and still sounding future than most tracks out there, each of the three cuts don't just deserve 'classic' or 'level up' status, they deserve bronze statues in the centre of every jungle-living city. From the icy chords and far-away gaze of "The Angels Fell" to the gritty drum hypnosis and sub-laden tension in "Brutal Bass", these cuts are in the DNA of every D&B, every jungle and every bass music record. Salute to Dillinja until your arms falls off mate.
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Gespielt von: Nautiluss
The Music Factory
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $7.39
Cat: SPEARLTD 027. Rel: 19 Sep 16
  1. Promised Land
  2. Growth Comes
  3. Can You Handle It? (feat MC DRS)
  4. Real Good (interlude)
  5. Neverland
  6. Mile High Club (feat MC Fava)
  7. Exploration
  8. Next Level 90 (interlude)
  9. Give It To Me Right
  10. Testament
  11. Memories (feat MC Tina)
  12. One Of A Kind
  13. Be Right Here (feat Random Movement)
  14. The Night Shift
  15. Route 166
Review: Since making his debut back in 2000, few have done more to further the cause of liquid D&B and "jungle jazz" than Luke "Utah Jazz" Wilson. The Music Factory is the producer's fifth full-length, and sees him continue to explore the potential of deep, melodious and emotion-rich drum and bass. While there are guest appearances dotted throughout - DRS, MC Fava, MC Tina, and Random Movement all feature - Wilson is at his best when laying down spine-tingling, string-drenched solo rollers. As a result, highlights come thick and fast, from the punchy breakbeats, sweeping electronics and hazy late night vocal samples of "Neverland", to the classic Good Looking Records flex of "Give It To Me Right", and the smoky, loved-up sweetness of "One Of A Kind".
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Airshift EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.42
Airshift EP (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: CFNK 004. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. Current Value & Xtrah - "Falsify" (4:26)
  2. Current Value - "Espace" (6:18)
  3. Current Value - "Airshift" (4:58)
  4. Current Value - "Matchfit" (5:36)
Review: Few producers enjoy the exalted position that Current Value does. And since he's moved back from his hectic crossbreed creations to more traditional tech drum & bass sounds, you can really hear the detail in every element. Xtrah is a man of similar frequency obsession, making this Cyberfunk release a really natural and honest project. Highlights include the cymbal-splashing twist on the triplet arrangement ("Escape") and the insane blocky snare funk on the total sci-fi freak out "Matchfit". With all other tech territories explored in between, one could easily argue this to be Cyberfunk's best release so far.
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Thinking About Tomorrow
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $7.90
Cat: DISLTD 025. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. DLR - "Thinking About Tomorrow" (5:54)
  2. DLR & Total Science - "On The Edge" (4:32)
Review: Two titanic names on one massive 12" - Dispatch don't mess around do they? DLR takes the lead with a wriggling, sinewy acidic number where the elements are tightly woven but have stacks of space between them at the same time. Flip for the deliciously wonky funk cut from DLR and Total Science as "On The Edge" does a really far-out springy off-beat thing that sound odd to begin but grows on every listen... Just the way all old D&B records were created. Proper.
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 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.93
Twisted (12")
Cat: MINDTECH 007. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. Twisted (feat MC Ydott) (5:16)
  2. Mantra (Billain remix) (6:08)
Rastafari EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.42
Cat: FDXBLKSR 003. Rel: 03 Oct 16
  1. Got To Know (5:47)
  2. Message To The King (5:44)
  3. Rastafari (4:40)
  4. Thy Brother (5:05)
Gespielt von: Etch
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $24.44
Lamb (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: MOVLP 854. Rel: 10 Mar 14
  1. Lusty
  2. God Bless
  3. Cotton Wool
  4. Trans Fatty Acid
  5. Zero
  6. Merge
  7. Gold
  8. Closer
  9. Gorechi
  10. Feela
  11. Cotton Wool (Fila Brazillia mix)
  12. Trans Fatty Acid (Kruder & Dorfmeister remix)
  13. Gorecki (Globak Communication mix)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $5.86
Ghost (12")
Cat: RAMM 191. Rel: 20 Jul 15
  1. Ghost (4:16)
  2. Tremors (3:07)
Review: Ram champs Delta Heavy are deep into their debut album. And if this type of spread is what we can expect from it, we're in for a treat; "Ghost" is the lead track. All radio-ready and heavy on the vocals, it's in the same league as La Roux's "In For The Kill" (albeit at a different tempo). After something much darker and gnarly? Flip for "Tremors". The clue in the title; it's the duo at their hardest and heaviest. Two sides, two stories, two more reasons to keep Delta Heavy locked on the radar.
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All Talk EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $11.20
All Talk EP (teal marbled vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: CRIT 090. Rel: 19 Sep 16
  1. All Talk (3:53)
  2. Persuade (feat Foreign Beggars) (3:29)
  3. Vision (feat DRS) (3:35)
  4. Hanging On You (4:53)
Review: Look at that artwork... A surefire sign of intricately unique constructions inside as Hyroglifics continues to smash levels. Every cut taking us deeper into his barbed, angular imagination, "All Talk" is a sci-fi halftime tooth-snapper, "Persuade" is 22nd century grime with skillish flows from the one and only Foreign Beggars, "Vision" is a ping-pong speedway racer with sharp commentary from DRS while "Hanging On You" counters the brutality with a soulful vocal finale. Sensual with just the right amount of ice.
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Daredevil EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.91
Cat: FOKUZ 085. Rel: 10 Oct 16
  1. Don't Let Go (feat Charlotte Haining) (5:57)
  2. Daredevil (5:14)
  3. Spirals (5:38)
  4. Senseless Love (5:17)
Missing You
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.42
Cat: SOULR 075. Rel: 03 Oct 16
  1. Missing You (feat Tyler Daley & DRS) (7:12)
  2. Tumult (6:16)
Review: The pairing of LSB and DRS is up there with wine and cheese. Having smashed 2015 with "The View", the pair return with another beautiful, emotion-soaked gem "Missing You". With its soft pianos and space for DRS to ruminate, it's another soulful smash that will stand the test of time. "Tumult" shows the complete flip of LSB's ever-perennial skills as he rolls out a darkside roller with a serious hurricane bassline that's powerful enough to take you back to the 2001. With his debut album around the corner, both tracks do well to remind you just how on-point LSB is.
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Gespielt von: SpectraSoul
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.91
Afflicted (12")
Cat: HZN 095. Rel: 10 Oct 16
  1. Afflicted (5:45)
  2. Virtuality (6:22)
OM Unit Remixes (Record Store Day 2016)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.68
Cat: TEMPA 108. Rel: 09 May 16
  1. J Kenzo - "Ruffhouse" (Om Unit remix) (4:26)
  2. Nomine - "Blind Man" (Om Unit remix) (6:05)
Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel (Sampler)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.91
Cat: METALP 008S. Rel: 12 Sep 16
  1. Sirens Song (feat Robert Manos) (5:47)
  2. Tone Poem (5:21)
Review: The cats out of the bag, the chicken's flown the coop, the horses have bolted: Dom & Roland is releasing his first album in five years. Here's the title track..... "Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel". A slightly more melodic and vocal approach than we'd usually except from Mr Angas, Robert Manos adds just the right amount of barbed soul to the searing, skin-rippling textures and octane beats below. Add more thrust to your crust with the insane "Tone Poem". With its rising guitar twang loop opening up into a rocket engine groove, this comes with a clear message: One of the original masters is back and he's not messing around. Bring on the full album!
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 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $15.79
Levitate (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: RS 1607LP. Rel: 30 May 16
  1. Alpha Wheel (3:17)
  2. Backtail Was Heavy (4:31)
  3. The Morning Birds (1:24)
  4. Vapour Trail (4:29)
  5. Triple Helix (3:35)
  6. Breeze Out (2:36)
  7. Sleepwalkers (3:56)
  8. Sea Of Tranquility (4:58)
  9. Hiraeth (3:49)
Review: A new Lone album from Matt Cutler represents an about turn away from the more mellow tones found on 2014's Reality Testing back in favour for the rave tropes that characterised his output circa Pineapple Crush. The nine tracks on Levitate are rife with the energetic fervour of hardcore and jungle, blending peppy tempos and nimble drum licks with the trademark graceful melodies one would expect from a Lone record. You should be familiar with "Backtail Was Heavy," already been premiered via a phone line service and "Vapour Trail" which formally announced Levitate and the other seven cuts from Lone show Cutler is at the top of his game.
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Leisure Complex
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.91
Cat: UTTU 067. Rel: 29 Aug 16
  1. Leisure Complex (5:37)
  2. Centuries Later (6:43)
  3. XX (5:33)
  4. All The Fregs (6:31)
Review: Unknown To The Unknown's latest slab of saucer-eyed nostalgia comes from Daze, a producer whose previous excursions have landed on distorted techno imprint Lobster Theremin. Here, he's in full on early '90s revival mode, melding together dreamy chords, spacey melodies and skittish hardcore rhythms on opener "Leisure Complex". Fellow A-side cut "Centuries Later" concentrates on booming sub-bass and energy-packed jungle breaks, while "XX" bounces around impressively on a wave of early Good Looking chords and rock solid, '93 riddims. Finally, he returns to the 4/4 beats he's famous for with "All The Freqs", an early morning romp through acid house pastures.
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 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.91
Cat: NSGNLCD 003. Rel: 03 Oct 16
  1. Antimachine
  2. Drone
  3. Minimalinski
  4. Infinite Hysteria
  5. Darknet
  6. Notbot
  7. Trashriot
  8. The Funk
  9. Fatality
  10. Rosebud
  11. Tankman
  12. Malfunction
  13. Heavy Load
Review: Given that Misanthrop has been active in the experimental D&B scene since the dawn of the millennium, it's rather surprising to find that Misanthrop is his debut solo album. Built around distorted electronics, industrial tropes, throbbing basslines and redlined rhythms, it's exactly the kind of set you'd expect from the Stuttgart native. Highlights come thick and fast, from the creepy, new wave and Kraftwerk influenced shuffle of "Notbot" and off-kilter, IDM madness of "The Funk" - like Autechre jamming with dBridge - to the unbridled aggression of "Rosebud" and atmospheric, string-drenched builds and throbbing electro-jungle rhythms of closer "Heavy Load".
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The Return Of The Pistoleros
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $7.39
Cat: SBESTCD 69. Rel: 01 Jun 15
  1. Pistoleros (feat Seanie Tee)
  2. Real Gangster (feat Seanie Tee & Neville Staple)
  3. Roll & Come In (feat Earl 16)
  4. Sticky Situation (feat Seanie Tee & Chezidek)
  5. Ride With It
  6. Fit Girl
  7. Killa Sound
  8. This Anthem (feat Seanie Tee)
  9. Turn Up (feat Serocee)
  10. Our Life (feat Lindy Layton, TK Lawerence & Earl 16)
Review: By now, we should all know what Barry Ashworth's Dub Pistols band is about. Firm festival favourites almost 20 years after their formation, they gleefully blend dub, ska, jungle, hip-hop, D&B and what would once have been called 'big beat'. It's the sound of cider-and-ganja fuelled afternoons at festivals, dancing like a maniac to Ashworth and crew's party-starting grooves. The Return of The Pistoleros, their first album since 2012, captures this perfectly, with the band's core members being joined by guests including Lindy Layton (yes, she of Beats International fame), Earl 16, and Specials founder member Neville Staple. Open a can of Natch, light up something medicinal and crack on.
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Outer Edges
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $49.91
Outer Edges (4xLP box + poster + MP3 download code)
Cat: VSN 025BOX. Rel: 19 Sep 16
  1. The Approach (1:31)
  2. Anomaly (4:05)
  3. Collider (4:48)
  4. Vigilantes (2:53)
  5. Tentacles (3:11)
  6. Voodoo (3:15)
  7. Mantra (3:50)
  8. Surfaceless (1:40)
  9. Straight Hook (3:27)
  10. Stonewalled (3:38)
  11. Motion Blur (3:25)
  12. The Entangled (3:16)
  13. Exavolt (3:04)
  14. Into Dust (4:22)
  15. Miniatures (2:53)
  16. Sinkhole (3:33)
  17. Get Deaded (3:59)
  18. The Approach (reprise) (1:55)
Review: Finally! After the unfortunate leak in August the band executed a precision rejoinder and instantly released their critically-acclaimed second album digitally. We've been waiting for this luxury vinyl edition ever since... Four 12"s, boxed with a poster of their unique art: everything about this smacks of the level of detail they plough into their productions. Musically it's consistently on beat with every minutiae; the Clockwork Orange breaks of "Collider", the rusty robot KO punches of "Voodoo", the never-ending evangelic thrust of "Mantra", the hazy soul of "Motion Blur", the spiked slams and turbo synths of "The Entangled" - every one of the album's 18 tracks is here in all its glory and on vinyl where they should be. One of the best bass success stories of the year.
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 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.18
Alzora (limited red splattered vinyl 12")
Cat: SMDE 004. Rel: 10 Oct 16
  1. Alzora (6:08)
  2. Volcanism (6:47)
Review: Longstanding collaborators Nucleus and Paradox step away from their own Esoteric imprint for a double-cut dalliance on Samurai. As always with these two, the emphasis is firmly on originality and drums so sharp and unique you can tell who's behind them in an instant. "Alzora" is dense in its trippy synth textures while "Volcanism" rides on a tripped out drum arrangement that swings with a jazz sensibility that's reminiscent of Alex Reece or Jonny L's early material. Supreme.
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Old Earth Voodoo
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 in stock $9.68
Old Earth Voodoo (white vinyl 12")
Cat: SMDE 005. Rel: 24 Oct 16
  1. Old Earth Voodoo (5:21)
  2. Thoughtforms (5:55)
  3. Distant Stare (5:45)
  4. Burialground (7:40)
Review: Akkord's Liam Blakcburn returns to Samurai with his first extensive body of work since last year's Night Of Visions album. Retaining that ominous eerie sound that's laced with high levels of restraint and tension, each cut really penetrates with character and stern sonics; Both "Old Earth Voodoo" and "Distant Stare" have a certain momentum to the drums that creates a stately subversive dark funk. "Thoughtforms" is a much more sedate piece with strange alien textures swooping back and forth with a tripped out psychedelia. Finally "Burialground" brings the most energy to the EP with its rolling percussion elements and rising sense of dread. Genuinely unique.
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Steady Eddie EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.40
Cat: DREADUK 033. Rel: 03 Oct 16
  1. Steady Eddie (4:51)
  2. Moody Runt (6:44)
Review: Here's a match made in heaven: soundsystem smasher Digital on Ray Keith's seminal jungle imprint Dread. Naturally the results are every bit as weighted, authentic and rolling as you'd expect. The key signature of "Steady Eddie" is the stuttering drums and sudden drop-outs into murky pools of distorted bass. Looking for peak-time KO track? Flip for "Moody Runt" and prepare to submit to wall of sound drums, big horns and dynamics that were designed to do one thing: blow your head off. Immense.
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Sagan VIP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.42
Sagan VIP (12")
Cat: NARRATIVES 001R. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. Sagan VIP (5:46)
  2. Broken (Paradox remix) (6:50)
Review: Blocks and Escher's Narratives Music label has been building a fearsome reputation over the last few years, in part due to the duo's willingness to embrace the experimental end of D&B, whilst retaining a clear dancefloor focus. This 12" sees them delve into their archives, offering up previously unheard versions of the two tracks that made up the label's debut release way back in 2012. First up is the moody and deliciously atmospheric "Sagan VIP", where cinematic textures and alien electronics rub shoulders with off-kilter, post-jungle rhythms and throbbing sub-bass. On the flip, Reinforced Records veteran Paradox gives "Broken" the once over, brilliantly melding bombastic old school jungle rhythms with fluid chords and darting synthesizer melody lines.
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 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.66
Acrobats (12")
Cat: INNA 041. Rel: 12 Sep 16
  1. Need For Mirrors - "Acrobats" (5:18)
  2. Need For Mirrors, Digital & Spirit - "Cool Vibration" (5:15)
Review: Strictly business right here: Need For Mirrors continues his most prolific year with another straight-up dancefloor jam "Acrobat". Hinting at the legacy of Die or perhaps early 2000s Zinc, there's such a timeless sense of funk to the bassline on this, it could make elderly relatives brock out. And if that's not enough, Digital & Spirit provide an equally shattering cut on the flip: "Cool Vibration" is anything but cool - dense, sweaty and relentless, it's created for soundsystems and built to last. Spotless.
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All For You EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.42
Cat: NQ 001. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Lenzman - "African Dream" (6:22)
  2. Lenzman - "Grateful" (feat DRS) (4:52)
  3. Children Of Zeus - "Still Standing" (feat DRS - Lenzman remix) (5:16)
  4. Lenzman - "Don't Let Go" (feat Redeyes) (6:02)
Review: Having launched his new label The North Quarter late September with a rampant 10 track EP, Lenzman ensures the vinyl lovers are appeased with four of the strongest cuts on wax. Each cut shudders with the soul weight you'd expect from the dapper Dutchman: "African Dream" is all twinkles and shivers, "Grateful" slaps and tickles with some light jazz touches and DRS's distinct sermonisms while "Don't Go" is a total whirlwind of emotion with it evocative vocal sample and turbo drums. Naturally his unavoidable summer smashing remix of Children Of Zeus has also been included too. He really couldn't have squeezed more gold onto this 12" if he tried!
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New Moon EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.42
Cat: NPRLP 001. Rel: 12 Sep 16
  1. Phuture T - "Perpetual Motion" (7:24)
  2. Double O - "Poor Man Style" (5:43)
  3. Infest & Tim Reaper - "Shifted Feelings" (7:38)
  4. Leonux - "94" (4:52)
Review: Limited to 300 copies: Netherlands label Next Phase build on their CD and tape-only foundations and deliver their first ever vinyl-only release. As always, it's adorned with the label's usual detail-rich art and powered by innovative compositions. From the savage, break-choking Reinforced hymn "Perpetual Motion" and the dubby Zed Bias-style garage soul of "Poor Man Style" by way of Future Cuts style hurricane soul "Shifted Feelings" and the SUAD-schooled hardcore "94", no expense has been spared as the last 26 years of rave are tied together with true craft.
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Fear Of Fours (reissue)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $23.69
Fear Of Fours (reissue) (limited gatefold numbered 180 gram audiophile coloured vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: MOVLP 1381. Rel: 05 Oct 15
  1. Soft Mistake (3:12)
  2. Little Things (3:17)
  3. B Line (2:51)
  4. All In Your Hands (4:40)
  5. Less Than Two (1:17)
  6. Bonfire (4:22)
  7. Ear Parcel (7:52)
  8. Softly (3:55)
  9. Here (3:22)
  10. Fly (5:13)
  11. Alien (4:04)
  12. Five (5:49)
  13. Lullaby (2:55)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.14
Cat: NHS 298CD. Rel: 10 Oct 16
  1. Hi!
  2. Chasing Sunrise (feat Elisabeth Troy)
  3. Life/Thrills (feat Namgawd)
  4. Worldwide (feat Ragga Twins)
  5. Electric Echo (feat Gunship)
  6. Northern Lights
  7. How Far (feat Romeo Testa)
  8. Fatso
  9. Western Jam
  10. We Got It (feat Rothwell)
  11. Signal
  12. Cadence (feat Reija Lee)
  13. Destination Earth
  14. Bring It Like That
  15. Penggemar
Review: Metrik earned plenty of praise for his 2014 debut album, Universal Language, which cannily fused '90s tech-step, jungle and hardcore influences with Hospital Records' usual fluid, "disco D&B" sound. This follow-up is, if anything, even better. From the moment he unleashes the saucer-eyed positivity of opener "Hi", Life/Thrills whizzes past at a breakneck speed, with the entertainment factor high throughout. Highlights naturally come thick and fast, from the radio-friendly cheeriness of future anthem "Chasing Sunrise" (featuring vocalist Elizabeth Troy), and Ragga Twins hook-up "Worldwide" (reggae-breaks goes D&B), to the glistening, progressive house influenced stepper "Northern Lights", and glistening, LTJ Bukem-style liquid roller "Signal".
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Paradise Lost
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.93
Paradise Lost (double 12")
Cat: RAMMLP 26. Rel: 21 Mar 16
  1. Event Horizon (4:30)
  2. Pathways (4:12)
  3. Cut Me (4:10)
  4. City Of Dreams (4:35)
Review: Delta Heaviness: this debut album has been on the cards since the UK duo signed to Ram in 2010 and they've not disappointed. Four of the 14 tracks, pressed to double 12", it's a sizzling synapse-snapping screenshot of where Ben and Si are at: feather-ruffling electrified bass, spatterings of rifle guitar blasts and beats so strong they could melt concrete. Climaxing with the hands-in-the-air vocal slap-down "City Of Dreams", each of these four cuts are primed for the peakest of peak hours. Delta Heaven.
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 in stock $6.10
Oscillator (12")
Cat: RAMM 214. Rel: 04 Apr 16
  1. Oscillator (4:12)
  2. Fun House (3:46)
Review: Taken from their long-awaited debut album Paradise Lost, Ram roustabouts Delta Heavy deliver two distinct party bombs: "Oscillator" is a guttural growler with a staccato riff and tumbling tripletty drums and a second drop that shreds all the way up from Hades itself. "Fun House" shows the duo's more mischievous side as a post-jump-up riff licks with an atonal forked tongue over titanium beats. Immense.
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New Era
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 in stock $5.86
New Era (12")
Cat: RAMM 212 . Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. New Era (4:33)
  2. New Era (VIP mix) (4:34)
Review: The start of what many fans are hoping will eventually be an album later this year, Andy C let rip into 2016 with a brand new jump-up party track that smacks of "Twist 'Em Out" era jump up mischief (before things got a little too silly on that side of the genre). Now finally enjoying a vinyl outing, its ballsy sub matches the spiky riff with a dynamic that was seemingly written with wax in mind. The VIP is an interesting approach too; rather than being wilder than the original, it's actually deeper and more heads-down. Classic Andy C subversion... Let's hope it does build to an album.
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Rituals Remixed
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.70
Cat: CRIT 092LTD. Rel: 05 Sep 16
  1. Homeworld (feat Charli Brix - Break remix) (5:00)
  2. Just One Look (feat Charli Brix - Signal remix) (4:55)
  3. Iron Curtain (Fre4knc remix) (4:14)
Review: Rituals was a game changer LP for Enei. A chance to showcase a wickedly wide side to his repertoire, few knew how soulful the man behind some of the heaviest Russian tech D&B in recent times could be. Critical have ensured the quality is respected with three precision remixes; Break adds his relaxed, loose-groove charm to the goosebumping "Homeworld", Signal takes the sensuous roller "Just One Look" 20,000 leagues under the sea with pneumatic drums and textured vocals while Fre4knc irons out the gritty creases on the still-thunderous "Iron Curtain" for a well-oiled mechanical funk session. Three serious remixes and a nice reminder to listen to the album again.
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Four:Fit EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.40
Cat: SOULR 071. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Mixed Bag (feat DRS) (6:21)
  2. Step Forward (5:16)
  3. Jupiter (5:51)
  4. Stingray (feat Lynx) (4:52)
Review: It's about time... Fresh off the heat of his Trevino album, Marcus returns to the D&B source with a full-fat foursome on his label's spotless Four:Fit series. Each cut a 24 carat diamond, shining in its own special way: "Mixed Bag" is a DRS-polished soulful addition to the ever-growing halftime annals, both "Step Forward" and "Stingray" are brittle two-step heads-down headbutts while "Jupiter" is an amen-rattled jungle shake-up. Timeless, deep and spacious; Marcus never fails.
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Fourfit EP 06
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.40
Cat: SOULR 072. Rel: 29 Feb 16
  1. Around The Sun (feat Robert Manos) (5:27)
  2. 170 Untitled (6:29)
  3. Ghetto Chemistry (feat Lystone) (4:50)
  4. Just A Moment (5:49)
Review: Following his debut on CIA in autumn 2015, US artist Adred continues to show the breadth of sonic span and abilities on the equally respected Soul:R on their so-far-spotless "Fourfit" series. Each cut showing balancing restraint and weight with a strong emphasis on jazzy textures and tones, we're sideswiped by Manos's vocals and the strong "Oblique" feels of "Around The Sun", we're soothed with equal measures of nostalgia and synthetic soul on the Goodlookingesque "170 Untitled" before getting deep, dark and minimal on "Ghetto Chemistry" where Lystone adds a unique US hip-hop feel. Finally we walk the plank into Adred's deepest, oceanic cut to date where the waves are high, voluptuous and all consuming. Stunning.
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