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This Week: Disco/Nu-Disco
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Digger's Workouts Part 2
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.53
Cat: FINGERLP 002. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Safari (8:20)
  2. Safari (Yoruba Soul mix) (7:11)
  3. Pilon (7:37)
You're A Star
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $12.43
Cat: E 45551. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. You're A Star (5:31)
You're A Star
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $12.43
You're A Star (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: E 45551 COLOUR. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. You're A Star (5:32)
Suco Edits Vol 2
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.63
Cat: SUC 002. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Cave Clan (5:27)
  2. Don't Run We Are Your Friends (4:14)
Review: Coming through utterly correct, as per usual, Francis Inferno Orchestra aka Bjorn This Way spearheads the second release of the Superconscious Records imprint. This is some straight up edit goodness, and the very best of its kind. Think of it in terms of being the Rolls Royce of current nu-disco. But the thing is, this gear goes way beyond disco and lands into some pretty surprising, gloriously obscure territories. "Cave Clan" for instance, is more of an electro-meets-EDM banger than anything disco related, and if we really have to go into specifics on this tight little banger, it reminds us of the Golden Teacher output from the Optimo Camp - a stone-cold killer. The B-side ain't too shabby either, where a looming, heavy bassline catapults us into a dark and mysterious groove with a devilish percussion. An absolute tip - warmly recommended!
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Play The Game
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.63
Cat: MF 017. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Play The Game (Andrew Weatherall remix) (10:34)
  2. Play The Game (original mix) (6:39)
  3. Play The Game (Heretic remix) (7:18)
Review: Lincolnshire's Craig Bratley (Tsuba/Nein Records/Instruments Of Rapture) is back on his own Magic Feet imprint with a bit of help from Danielle Moore on vocals for "Play The Game", a slow burning and noirish EBM grinder that will appeal to fans of recent Comeme or Correspondant style retrovert tendencies. There's also some killer remixes on offer: Heretic's slamming remix is reminiscent of early 90s rave aesthetics while the don that is Andrew Weatherall steps up to deliver a woozy lo-slung disco rendition which is absolutely brilliant as always.
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Gespielt von: Craig Bratley
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.63
Dazz (12" Nachpressung)
Cat: RR 006. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Brick - "Dazz" (re-edit) (6:12)
  2. Brick - "Dazz" (1976 original long version) (5:37)
  3. Tom Browne - "Funkin' For Jamaica" (re-edit) (5:16)
  4. Tom Browne - "Funkin' For Jamaica" (1980 original) (4:38)
Open Wide & Eat The Future
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $14.32
Cat: FJO 02. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Black Talon (7:48)
  2. My Cosmic Partner (5:04)
  3. Europa From Mars (6:28)
  4. Some Piece Of Love (5:54)
Gespielt von: Frank Booker
Havin' A Party
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.53
Havin' A Party (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: ATH 036. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Havin' A Party (2:55)
  2. Music (Get's Me High) (3:53)
If You Feel It Say Yeah
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.53
If You Feel It Say Yeah (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: ATH 12002. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. If You Feel It Say Yeah (Full Lenth mix) (6:48)
  2. Say It (Full Lenth mix) (4:24)
Review: Fruit's delicious disco flavours keep blossoming. It started with an unearthed and unreleased album that finally saw the light of day after almost 40 years this spring. Now on this 12" we return to their only big single of the time (and most well known) "If You Feel It Say Yeah" but with a previously unreleased 12" that's been extended in all the right places. The evergreen B-side "Say It" plays the perfect foil with its ballroom disco soul dynamic. Apparently there's another unearthed 45 to come too. Tasty.
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RDY #33
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $7.83
  1. Patrick Cowley - "Mind Warp" (6:39)
  2. King Sporty & The ExTras - "Haven't Been Funked Enough" (6:40)
  3. Strafe - "Set It Off" (instrumental) (12:18)
Gespielt von: JOUTRO MUNDO, Soul Of Hex
Life Is A Miracle
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.53
Life Is A Miracle (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: ATH 037. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Life Is A Miracle (unreleased Full version) (4:55)
  2. Life Is A Miracle (part 1) (3:36)
Review: Southern soul star Jeff Floyd was just 18 when he provided vocals for this Michael Floyd-produced single in 1978. "Life Is A Miracle" was Jax Transit Authority's only single, and has since gone on to be an in-demand item amongst Northern Soul DJs, in particular. Given that original copies fetch upwards of L5,000, this Athens Of The North reissue is certainly welcome. Brilliantly, this pressing not only features the sought-after original 7" A-side (here tucked away on the flip), but also the previously unreleased full-length version. Predictably, it's a thing of great beauty, with Jeff Floyd's brilliant vocals soaring above a wave of undulating disco-funk bass, spiraling synth solos and clipped guitar riffs.
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Trinidad Rock
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $12.43
Trinidad Rock (gold vinyl 12")
Cat: LP 4141 COLOUR. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Trinidad Rock (5:21)
Trinidad Rock
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $12.43
Cat: LP 4141. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Trinidad Rock (5:22)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $12.16
Automatone (12")
Cat: CLICHE 065. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Automatone (8:51)
  2. Mordor Disko (5:57)
  3. Police & Snitch (6:44)
  4. Drum Shot (7:25)
Gespielt von: Benjamin Fröhlich
Sunshine (remixed)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.91
Cat: IMAGENES 063. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Sunshine (Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel remix) (5:49)
  2. Disco Gamma (Pete Herbert remix) (5:36)
Review: Venezuelans-in-London Los Charly's Orchestra update their sensual summer soul session with two on-point refixes. The bandleaders themselves Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel add a bubblesome deep disco sheen with firm focus on the loopy groove and cushiony synths while Balearic gold medalist Pete Herbert takes us down dubbier, west coast paths with a velvet deep house strut-fest laced with the perfect amount of reverb. Sunrise/sunset.
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Gespielt von: Los Charly's Orchestra
If You Can't Tell Me Something Good
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $12.43
Cat: LHL 2001. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. If You Can't Tell Me Something Good (6:32)
If You Can't Tell Me Something Good
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $12.43
Cat: LHL 2001 COLOUR. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. If You Can't Tell Me Something Good
Gespielt von: JOUTRO MUNDO
Somethin' Wit Jazz Remixes
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.71
Somethin' Wit Jazz Remixes (green vinyl 12")
Cat: RNTR 013. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Somethin' Wit Jazz (Jimpster remix) (6:36)
  2. Somethin' Wit Jazz (Jimpster dub) (6:37)
  3. Somethin' Wit Jazz (Session Victim remix) (5:13)
  4. Somethin' Wit Jazz (The Planty Herbs remix) (5:54)
Previously Unreleased EP 9
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.45
Previously Unreleased EP 9 (12" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: YW 009. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Little Things (12:01)
  2. + Life (6:00)
  3. 4U (4:11)
Bubble Cat
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.53
Bubble Cat (12")
Cat: ENDLESSFLIGHT 75. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Bubble Cat (9:29)
  2. Ha Jaka (8:55)
Gespielt von: JOUTRO MUNDO, Soul Of Hex
Caminho De Dreyfus
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $14.86
Cat: CORRESPONDANT 50. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Avalon (5:31)
  2. Sequencia Astronomical (5:31)
  3. Caminho De Dreyfus (5:17)
  4. Caminho De Dreyfus (instrumental) (3:43)
One Monkey Don't Stop No Show
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $12.43
One Monkey Don't Stop No Show (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: PR 605 COLOUR. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. One Monkey Don't Stop No Show (6:39)
  2. One Monkey Don't Stop No Show (short version) (3:28)
  3. One Monkey Don't Stop No Show (instrumental version) (6:37)
Star Creature EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $15.94
Cat: SC 1201. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. I Don't Know Why (4:36)
  2. All My LOVE (3:56)
  3. Come Closer (3:52)
  4. Just One Change (3:53)
  5. Cotton Candy (3:42)
  6. See The Light (4:25)
Sound Sampler Vol 2
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.79
  1. Soundstream - "Aqua Dance" (6:47)
  2. Soundstudio - "Track 440" (5:09)
  3. Soundhack - "What You Feel" (4:59)
  4. Soundstore - "Relief" (5:52)
Review: YES. This is exactly what we need after the end of a long summer, and what has been a period of relatively lower releasing activity in the house and techno sphere. A new Soundstream bruiser to add to what is surely one of the most impressive catalogues around. The last one that was released a year or so ago was excellent, but this four-tracker is even better, bolder, and nastier. Moreover, you get four cuts from four different Soundstream aliases, so you know you're in for the score. "Aqua Dance" is an addictive disco slinger with that magic Soundstream sampling touch, but from "Track 440" onwards, things start to turn a little more off-kilter, and that tune itself is a fuzzy, distorted disco-house hybrid that perfectly encapsulates the Soundstudio alias. The same can be said for the Soundhack-approved "What You Feel", a wavy disco mutant that is of the same ilk as Pepe Bradock's material, while Soundstore's "Relief" is a more classic house spliff packed with banging drums and guided by a deep, sweltering bass. Essential.
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 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.53
Madness (7")
Cat: ATH 034. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Madness (4:37)
  2. If You're So In Love (4:47)
Review: Say what you like about Athens of The North, but there's no denying that label head honcho Euan Fryer has got some serious crate-digging skills. Here, he's unearthed, licensed and reissued another little-known gem, the Chris Spraggins' produced "Madness" by Strange. It was originally released on the short-lived Cleveland Unlimited Records label back in 1978, and sits somewhere between blue-eyed soul, early boogie (check the spacey synthesizer sounds dotted throughout), and rock-tinged disco-funk. It also contains some killer piano solos, which only enhance the track's energy. Flipside "You're So In Love", in contrast, is a soft-focus, slow-dance affair, with a female vocal and fluttering flutes evoking images of tear-eyed embraces on the dancefloor.
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Buchsenoffner Vol 2
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.63
Cat: SCHENKEL 002 EP. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. NFLGD (6:30)
  2. BTTB (6:02)
  3. IL (8:56)
Gespielt von: JOUTRO MUNDO, Tilman
Jungle Man (reissue)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $13.24
Jungle Man (reissue) (limited 12")
Cat: AU 003. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Jungle Man (original) (6:22)
  2. Guitar Man (4:33)
  3. Jungle Man (Jaz edit) (7:16)
Gespielt von: Mellophonia
The Legacy Of Soul: The Finest & Rarest Masters
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $18.36
The Legacy Of Soul: The Finest & Rarest Masters (gatefold brown vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 888751 43261. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. The O'Jays - "Back Stabbers" (DJ Reverend P edit) (10:31)
  2. Earth, Wind & Fire - "Fantasy" (Shelter DJ mix) (8:52)
  3. Bill Withers - "Harlem" (3:21)
  4. MFSB - "Use Ta Be My Guy" (DJ Reverend P edit) (6:29)
  5. Billy Paul - "Let 'Em In" (5:06)
  6. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - "Wake Up Everybody" (7:31)
  7. Tyrone Davis - "In The Mood" (4:08)
The Legacy Of Funk: The Finest & Rarest Masters
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $19.72
The Legacy Of Funk: The Finest & Rarest Masters (gatefold red vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 88875143211. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. The Jacksons - "That's What You Get (For Being Polite)" (DJ Reverend P edit) (9:00)
  2. Harvey Mason - "Till You Take My Love" (original 12" mix) (3:16)
  3. Marvin Gaye - "Rockin' After Midnight" (DJ Reverend P edit) (6:16)
  4. Michael Wycoff - "Looking Up to You" (DJ Reverend P edit) (6:14)
  5. Gladys Knight & The Pips - "Love Is Always on Your Mind" (9:08)
  6. George Duke - "Brazilian Love Affair" (7:20)
  7. The Isley Brothers - "So You Wanna Stay Down" (DJ Reverend P edit) (4:45)
The Legacy Of Disco: The Finest & Rarest Masters
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $18.36
The Legacy Of Disco: The Finest & Rarest Masters (gatefold coloured vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 888751 43201. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. MFSB - "Love Is The Message" (Danny Krivit edit - unreleased) (7:16)
  2. The Emotions - "I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love" (DJ Reverend P edit - unreleased) (6:26)
  3. Teddy Pendergrass - "You Can't Hide From Yourself" (Mike Maurro remix - unreleased) (6:35)
  4. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - "Don't Leave Me This Way" (Tom Moulton mix) (11:01)
  5. The Trammps - "Love Epidemic" (DJ Reverend P edit - unreleased) (7:22)
California Chrome
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $20.80
California Chrome (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ROCKACT 103LP. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. The Scarlet Deception (5:57)
  2. Straight Up Satan (4:11)
  3. Basilisk Stare (3:32)
  4. The Eye In The Triangle (6:08)
  5. Predator State (7:07)
  6. Nervous Serpents (4:10)
  7. Buckle Bunny (4:22)
  8. Dirts (5:41)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $22.42
FT (2xLP)
Cat: FAKE 114. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Testify (feat Crystal Waters) (3:48)
  2. 18th (feat Norman Blake) (5:45)
  3. In Love With Life (feat Yoko Ono) (4:47)
  4. Atomium (feat Bootsy Collins) (5:51)
  5. Like Josephine Baker (feat David McAlmont) (7:13)
  6. Lost Without You (feat Paris Grey) (5:48)
  7. Ultratheque (feat Dave Ball) (5:43)
  8. Truck (feat Fred Schneider) (5:14)
  9. Monday Morning Sunshine (feat Jean Honeymoon) (5:43)
  10. You're Just Another Song (feat Little Annie) (5:53)
  11. Heavy Game (feat Billie Ray Martin) (5:33)
  12. Heartbreak House (feat Maggie K De Monde) (5:16)
  13. A Kiss Before Dying (feat Alan Vega) (9:26)
Country Boy (Mr Funkees)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $22.68
Cat: PMG 024LP. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. It's Too Late (5:23)
  2. I Feel Funky (4:06)
  3. Harry's Party (3:54)
  4. Country Boy (5:17)
  5. Country Dub (4:19)
  6. Wanderer (5:52)
A Shot In The Light
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $17.02
Cat: ESP 033. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Nineteen Eighty-Two (5:26)
  2. Silent Thunder (5:11)
  3. Mexican Cola Bottle Baby (6:32)
  4. Chickpea (4:48)
  5. Losing My Wedge (5:56)
  6. A Shot In The Light (5:58)
  7. Maltese Duck (5:13)
  8. Death At The Funeral (6:01)
Review: Given the hype surrounding his usually on-point releases, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Moscoman had been releasing music for longer than two years. It's not taken him long to get this debut album for ESP Institute together, and it's a pleasingly analogue-sounding affair. The eight eclectic tracks variously touch on sticky, tribal-influenced grooves ("Mexican Cola Bottle Baby", with its' wonderfully spacey melody lines), cold-wave ("Losing My Wedge"), tactile, nu-disco influenced tech-house ("Shot In The Light"), trippy electro ("Death At The Funeral"), and skewed house (the tumbling, ice cream van melodies and hypnotic drums of "Maltese Duck"). Throughout, the album remains stylish and quirkily atmospheric.
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The Adventures Of Jefferson Keyes
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $12.96
Cat: SED 1504CD. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Keep The Faith (feat Kenny Thomas)
  2. Busy Dreamin' (feat Gregers)
  3. Something's Got Me Walking On Air (feat Kiki Kyte & Folami)
  4. Two Way Love Affair (feat Flemming Fanoe)
  5. Never Gonna Let You Go (feat Seest)
  6. Lift Your Head Up (feat Sulene Fleming)
  7. Soho House (feat Folami & Kiki Kyte)
  8. Private Eye (feat Jimmy Antony)
Review: On The Adventures of Jefferson Keyes, Cool Million member Frank Ryle goes solo, delivering a sumptuous debut album chock full of slick, disco and boogie influenced soul and jazz-funk. He's drawn on his bulging contacts book, roping in singers and musicians from Germany, Denmark, the UK and U.S.A. These include soul man Kenny Thomas, Danish singer Gregers (who guests on the impeccable boogie jam "Busy Dreamin") and current Incognito member Sulene Fleming, whose confident vocals seemingly soar over the rich, organic disco-funk grooves of album highlight "Lift Your Head Up". These headline contributions are backed up by sensational playing and deft production, making The Adventures of Jefferson Keyes a revivalist disco-boogie treat.
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See You When You Get There
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $21.60
See You When You Get There (3xLP Nachpressung)
Cat: DOGLP 04. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Do It Now (5:48)
  2. Hey Stranger (4:15)
  3. Make People Dance (6:00)
  4. See You When You Get There (3:40)
  5. Never Forget (6:07)
  6. Stick Together (5:29)
  7. Hyuwee (3:48)
  8. The Most Beautiful Divorce Ever (5:28)
  9. Crystal Maze (2:57)
  10. Under Your Spell (4:27)
  11. Eo's Place (4:34)
  12. Outro (2:39)
Review: Given the quality of Session Victim's 2012 debut album, Haunted House of House, expectations are naturally high for this follow-up. Like its' predecessor, See You When You Get There takes a widescreen approach to deep house, with the German duo drawing on a myriad of influences, from jazz ("Hey Stranger"), soundtracks ("Crystal Maze") and evocative downtempo beats (the impeccable title track), to Atmosfear-ish jazz-funk ("The Most Beautiful Divorce In The World") and, most notably, classic Balearica (see the druggy pop of "Hyuwee" and deliciously slow "EOS Place". Best of all, though, is "Never Forget", a glorious blues-house epic laden with smoky vocal samples and thrilling piano motifs.
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Dancing & Romancing
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.53
Dancing & Romancing (unmixed 2xCD + MP3 download code)
Cat: EXPDR 01. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Compuphonic - "Radio Atlantis"
  2. Adana Twins - "Drive" (feat Khan)
  3. Claptone - "Night On Fire"
  4. Cocolores - "Vox"
  5. Murphy Jax - "Lets Get To It" (feat Mike Dunn)
  6. Moodymanc - "Joy"
  7. Homework - "Ask Yourself" (Audiojack Chemical Rewind)
  8. Munk - "Happiness Juice" (Satin Jackets remix)
  9. Sirens Of Lesbos - "Long Days, Hot Nights" (Claptone remix)
  10. Dino Lenny - "I'm Coming Home"
  11. James Curd - "Think You Know" (feat Annabel Weston)
  12. Joyce Muniz - "Back In The Days" (feat Bam)
  13. Kruse & Nuernberg - "Yokohama Nights" (feat Brolin)
  14. Adana Twins - "Bleeding" (feat Human Life)
  15. Adana Twins - "Strange"
  16. Kyodai & Daudi Matsiko - "Houston In The Blind"
  17. Jimmy & Fred - "I See Lights" (Karmon remix)
  18. Mickey - "Sweet Baby"
  19. Kyodai - "Music Rises Up" (Claptone remix)
  20. Homework - "Hold Me Tight"
  21. Doctor Dru - "The Voice Of Dru"
  22. Claptone - "No Eyes" (feat Jaw)
  23. Nils Penner - "Bubbles"
  24. Adana Twins - "Everyday"
  25. Doctor Dru - "Foolish"
  26. Compuphonic - "The Sun Does Rise" (feat Marques Toliver)
  27. Human Life & Anabel Englund - "El Diablo"
  28. Sirens Of Lesbos - "7 Minutes In Tibet"
  29. Urulu - "1991"
  30. Light Year - "Never Know"
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $15.94
Revisions (2xLP)
Cat: NANG 148. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Get To Know Me (feat Andre Espeut - Hot Toddy vocal remix) (7:12)
  2. Barcelona (feat Lauren Rimell - Psychemagik remix) (6:41)
  3. Standing Here Baby (Hold U Tight) (feat Andre Espeut - Peza remix) (5:51)
  4. Stay With Me (feat Andre Espeut - 5 Reasons remix) (4:48)
  5. Secret Situation (feat Lauren Rimell - Pete Herbert remix) (6:30)
  6. Stay With Me (feat Andre Espeut - Phunktastike alternative funk mix) (5:13)
  7. Here Comes The Sun (feat Lauren Rimell - Sportloto remix) (6:15)
  8. Standing Here Baby (Hold U Tight) (feat Andre Espeut - Vampire Disco remix) (4:31)
  9. Like A Medicine (Jerry Bouthier & Andrea Gorgerino Jbag remix) (4:37)
  10. Visions (feat Lauren Rimell - Bitter Suite remix) (6:51)
  11. Good Life (feat Lauren Rimell - Acos Coolkas remix) (6:14)
Night Illusion
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $19.18
Night Illusion (limited LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SJRLP 346. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Living Everyday (5:20)
  2. Struggle (5:34)
  3. Talk To Me (4:57)
  4. Hit Hit (4:47)
  5. Night Illusion (4:25)
  6. Certain Way To Go (9:39)
  7. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (5:40)
Night Illusion
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $12.70
Cat: SJRCD 346. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Living Everyday
  2. Struggle
  3. Talk To Me
  4. Hit Hit
  5. Night Illusion
  6. A Certain Way To Go
  7. Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo
Review: Amongst Nigerian soul and disco collectors, Tee Mac's Night Illusion has long been regarded as one of the great "lost albums". It was originally privately pressed and released on the enigmatic producer's own label in 1980, with only 1,000 copies in existence. It's perhaps unsurprising that Soul Jazz Records has chosen to reissue it, serving it up on CD for the first time. It's a cracking set, all told, with Marjorie Barnes' superb vocals riding rhythm tracks that variously touch on horn-heavy reggae, sumptuous disco-soul, Blaxploitation style funk, and, of course, authentic Nigerian Afro-disco. Despite the record's obscure roots, it's brilliant produced, and actually superior sound and vibe wise to many American-produced disco and soul albums of the period.
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Imperfections Vol 1
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $18.91
Imperfections Vol 1 (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BLK 001A. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Leave You (5:55)
  2. Sing About Love (6:11)
  3. I See U Dancin (2:46)
  4. It Was U (6:03)
  5. I Can See Straight (1:00)
  6. Music For Molly (7:01)
  7. These Simple Fears (3:40)
  8. Break Of Dawn1 (6:24)
  9. Enjot What We Have (4:45)
  10. Rotating Bodies (5:35)
  11. Nightswim (5:35)
  12. Tunnel Visions (4:09)
Boogie Breakdown: South African Synth Disco 1980-1984
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $22.15
Cat: COS 018LP. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Cannibals - "Hey Tonight" (6:08)
  2. Cannibals - "We Keep On Keeping On" (3:56)
  3. Harari - "Party" (5:04)
  4. Harari - "Good Vibes" (4:13)
  5. Don Laka - "I Wanna Be Myself" (5:47)
  6. Don Laka - "Lets Move The Night" (5:34)
  7. Neville Nash - "Breakdown" (4:45)
  8. Neville Nash - "Perfect Love" (3:39)
  9. Benjamin Ball - "Flash A Flashlight" (6:35)
  10. Benjamin Ball - "I Just Keep Dancing" (4:51)
  11. Al Etto - "You've Got The Love" (4:20)
  12. Al Etto - "Hold On To Love" (6:18)
Review: We probably say this more than we should, but this time our statement really isn't prone to hyberbole: we love the Cultures Of Soul label, and whatever genre they're reissuing, we can always count on them to deliver the quality like no other imprint. From Evans Pyramid to the recent black gospel compilation they've released, we have nothing but good stuff to say about them, and this is equally true of this new South African disco collection from the years 1980-1984. The title alone should do the trick but trust us, there is nothing but fire in here, and if you're the sort of collector scouting for rare African rhythms then this is the gear for you. The Cannibals start off with some lovely docile disco jams, Harari's "Party" is a sublime lo-fi funk cut, the Don Laka material is pure disco glory, and the remaining tunes by the likes of Neville Nash or Al Etto are able to destroy ANY dance floor from here to Durban. Top marks from us...
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